E-Statements @ Your Fingertips

As part of Doha Bank’s ongoing green and paperless banking initiative, starting 1st November 2018 postal statements will be stopped and these will be converted to electronic statements. Customers will be able to subscribe for e-statements through Online and Mobile Banking. Customers without online or mobile banking will have the facility to view and download password protected statements using debit card through Doha Bank website.

In case you desire to continue receiving statements by post, you can do one of the following.

  • Submit ‘Request for Physical Statement Form’ through online banking.
  • Download ‘Request for Physical Statement Form’ from the website and submit the filled up form at any Doha Bank branch.
  • Call 44456000 for registration.

Request for Physical Statement Form


Doha Bank’s green and paperless banking is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme and is also an eco-friendly initiative. The aim of this initiative is to encourage customers to adopt digital channels for viewing and downloading their account and card statement and reduce the carbon footprint.

As part of this initiative, starting 1st November 2018 all postal statements will be stopped Subscriptions to e-statements will be available on Online and Mobile Banking. Customers without Online Banking can view and download statements through website using debit card.

Although the above will not be applicable for customers who filled up ‘Request for Physical statement form’. This form is available in online banking, website, and branches or alternatively call up the Call center at 44456000 for registration.

Doha Bank provides the following channels for viewing and downloading account and card statement:

  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Website
  • E-Statement

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To request for statements by post after 1st November 2018, you will need to fill up the ‘Request for Physical Statement Form’ which is available on:

  • Online banking
  • Website

Alternatively, you can also call 44456000 and register your mode of receiving statements.

No, this initiative covers only personal banking customers.

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