Chances are that you could land a million, want to lose it?

The Al Dana Savings Program from Doha Bank gives you the opportunity to become a millionaire in a very simple way. Now this is indeed a once in a lifetime chance don’t you agree? How long does it usually take for someone to become a millionaire? Thirty years? That is if you are lucky and have a high salaried job. But it normally takes years of hard work, saving and investing in risky high yield investments to be able to save a million. And here is Doha Bank offering you the opportunity to become a millionaire on a platter of gold. Would you want to miss this chance?

No one would want to miss this great opportunity. For we all aspire to have better lives and enjoy what life has to offer. We all want to be rich and be labelled millionaires. Have you given some thought as to how a million riyals could change your life? Do you know what it feels like to be labelled a millionaire? Have you thought of all the privileges you would gain out of being a millionaire?

Well, there is no doubt that a million riyals will completely change your life. It will give you the financial freedom to do what your desire. You will be able to buy your dream house, give your children a better education and healthcare, enjoy lavish holidays and buy all the jewelry and branded clothes you have been wishing for. Basically you can buy anything you want without having to worry about the money. Not only this. As a millionaire you will get to mingle in certain social circles and build relationships. This will open doors for business and investment opportunities that will help you increase your wealth, remember the rich get richer.

As a millionaire you will have unlimited choices to choose from. You can choose from a multitude of business opportunities and invest in those that will bring you more rewards. One important aspect of being a millionaire is that you get to have fun. You can afford to travel the world, discover new places, collect rare items, experience expensive hobbies, have your personal shopper and stylist, the list is endless.

You are probably questioning how Doha Bank can make you a millionaire? Well, it is simple. Doha Bank has been running the Al Dana Savings Program for the past 13 years. Till date it has succeeded in making 51 individuals in Qatar millionaires and many more have increased their wealth by winning other cash and non-cash prizes like gold.

Now will you let go of that opportunity easily? It is not like everyday someone knocks at your door and presents you with a golden opportunity like this. An opportunity to win a million riyals without any hassle or long years of saving. So what do you have to do to enroll in the Al Dana Savings Program?

Not much, all you have to do is open an Al Dana Savings Account. This account is unique for it has dual benefits. It allows you to save your money and gives you the chance to enter a draw to become a millionaire. So for every QAR 1,000 you save you will get an opportunity to participate in the monthly draws during the course of the year to win 188 prizes. You could easily nail that million.

You only have to make one smart move and you could enjoy the life of a millionaire forever. Wait no longer, head over to your nearest Doha Bank branch, or SMS “DANA” to 92610 or fill out this online form.