A whole new world – Comfort, lifestyle, only money can buy. Are you ready?

Money is important and plays a big role in our lives. Money is the means by which we buy our basic needs, food, water, clothing and shelter. Money is the tool that enables you to build a life for you and your family. Having plenty of money enables you to have control over your life. It gives you the freedom to choose how to live your life. It can help you lead a comfortable life and pay for all the luxuries you desire.

Imagine if you had a million riyals in your account. What would that mean? It means you would be labelled a millionaire. It means living a luxurious lifestyle. Driving the cars you fancy, wearing the latest style of clothes, eating at expensive restaurants. It means being able to give your children the best education, best healthcare, best of everything life has to offer. Having that kind of money means enjoying life to the fullest, enjoying traveling and adventures.

The question is how you can become that millionaire. Well you could start by saving but how long will it take you to save that kind of money. That’s right a long time. Especially if you are employed and living paycheck to paycheck. Another option would be to invest your savings in some sort of investments. But the question here do you have enough savings to invest in the first place? It’s a cycle. First, you have to have the right amount of money, then start to invest to build your wealth. So what’s the solution?

Doha Bank has the perfect solution. They have developed a brilliant savings account known as the Al Dana Savings Account. This savings account is unique for it is the first in Qatar to have a dual benefit. It allows the account holder to save small sums of money, earn interest and win big at the same time. Existing and new account holders who save as little as QAR 1,000 are entitled to enter the monthly draws to win cash and non-cash prizes including gold. The Al Dana Savings Account also gives you a chance to become a millionaire.

The Al Dana Savings Account has been running successfully in Qatar for the past 13 years. In fact it has made 51 individuals as millionaires and over 3,000 individuals have won valuable prizes. The Al Dana Savings account has given away more than QAR 120 million in cash prizes and over 40 kilograms of gold.

This year Doha Bank promises that the Al Dana Savings scheme will be packed with prizes much more than the previous years. The Al Dana Savings Account holders will have 188 opportunities to win big prizes including a QAR 1million every month. They will have a chance to participate in the monthly draws.

With the Al Dana Savings Account it is a simple and straight forward process to become a millionaire. All you have to do is save your money and watch your wealth grow. The more you save, the more you increase your chances of becoming a millionaire and living the comfortable life you dream of.

You now have the solution on how to become a millionaire. Simply open an Al Dana Savings Account today and you could become a millionaire the following month. SMS “DANA” to 92610 or complete the online form.