Pamper yourself; there is no one more important than you and your millions chill

Everyone deserves to be pampered every now and then. It is an important ritual to get accustomed to. We always hear the phrase “live life to the fullest”…, do you know what that means?. Have you ever given this some thought? Well, this phrase can mean different things to different people. So, for millionaires, this phrase could mean splashing money on luxurious items, or going on exotic holidays, or perhaps receiving royalty treatment at a destination spa. More importantly, they want to feel that they are special and are being pampered with their money. Did you ever stop to think of how millionaires pamper themselves?. If you suddenly made your first Million, how would you pamper yourself?

To get you excited about the prospect, let us as look at some of the ways millionaires pamper themselves:

  1. Visit a spa and get wrapped in gold: They say Cleopatra used to sleep with a gold face mask on. So no wonder rich people are crazy about spa treatments with gold. Not only does gold have a tightening effect and leaves the skin glowing with radiance, but gold is also associated with beauty, power and money and that’s exactly how millionaires like to feel. Royal, special, powerful and the ability to spend on ultra-luxurious things which an average person can’t afford.
  2. Shop till you drop: Millionaires like to shop. They enjoy spending money on branded bags, shoes, designer apparel, and jewelry. They love to buy limited edition watches, cars, mansions, extravagant yachts, private jets. You dream it, and the millionaire can buy it.
  3. Epic vacations: Millionaires love to go on exotic vacations. They love to travel the world and indulge in luxury that only money can buy. They stay at seven star hotels, dine in the most expensive restaurants, and have personal shoppers at malls. Millionaires don’t need to stand in lines at airport to finalize immigration issues, nor in taxi lines waiting for transport. They have the money and can afford to pay for special handling services and limousines.
  4. Have their own personal staff: Millionaires hardly do anything themselves. They are privileged to have enough money to recruit people to do things for them. They recruit drivers, housekeepers, maids, gardeners, butlers, and the list goes on. They have a team of personal staff to help them with daily chores, so they themselves can sit back and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Now that you have a taste of how millionaires can pamper themselves, don’t you want to become a Millionaire? It is not as difficult as you think it is, and no you don’t have to spend years saving or making smart investments. You just have to make one smart decision. Open an Al Dana Savings Account with Doha Bank. How this will help you to become a millionaire?.

Well, when you open an Al Dana Savings Account with Doha Bank, you stand a chance to participate in 18-20 monthly draws and you could win the million Riyal prize. What’s more, the more you save in your account, the more chances you have to win cash and non-cash prizes, such as gold. In fact, for every QAR 1,000 you save in your account, you get one chance at each draw. If you have saved QAR 15,000 in your Al Dana Savings Account, you get 15 chances in the draw. Now that is a simple and quick way to become a millionaire and to start acting like one.

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