Rich is not about working for money, it is about making money work for you

We often hear the phrase “make your money work for you”. What does this phrase mean? How can money work for you?

For some of us “make money work for you” can simply be just earning interest in a saving account, for others it could be investing money in stocks to gain more earnings and build wealth faster or put you money into a cash yielding investment such as buying real estate and renting it out. It all of course depends on your financial goals and how much money you have or can save. Some people succeed in building wealth quickly, whilst others find it difficult as they try to save small sums of money.

However, becoming rich remains to be a dream all of us strive to achieve. Everyone aspires to live a better life. Nevertheless many underestimate the power of saving small amounts of money at an early age. Many do not believe that this way of saving can indeed lead to a bigger wealth but it is only a matter of time.

What if we told you about a savings account that actually helps you to save and win cash prizes both at the same time. An account that will allow you to achieve your dream of becoming wealthy in a shorter period of time. Too good to be true right? But it’s true. The Al Dana Savings Account from Doha Bank is a unique savings account. It allows its account holders to save as little as QAR 1,000 a month and gives them the chance to enter many monthly draws to win cash prizes and other valuable non-cash prizes. What’s more, it allows them the chance to enter the millionaire draw. Now that is the fastest way of securing wealth with little effort and little risk. That’s the way to make enough cash and make “your money work hard for you”.

The Al Dana Savings Account from Doha Bank is very popular and has been making millionaires for 13 years. Till date 51 individuals in Qatar have become millionaires and many more have increased their wealth by winning other cash and non-cash prizes including gold.

In 2017 the prizes of the Al Dana Savings Account are much more than previous years. Account holders will get the chance to participate in 188 draws throughout the year. This means there will be over 18 draws every month. For every QAR 1,000 saved, one gets a chance at the draw.

The Al Dana Savings Account with Doha bank ensures that your money isn’t idle. It ensures that your money works for you even when you aren’t! As important as it is to start savings early, it is equally important to save regularly. So rest assured whatever amount of savings you have in your Al Dana Savings Account you will have ample amount of chances of winning with Doha Bank.

So if you want a head start at making “your money work for you”, open the Al Dana Savings Account today to win that million and watch your wealth grow bigger.

If you want to know more about the Al Dana Savings Account Call us today. Being rich isn’t a distant dream anymore; get your money to work for you. Open an Al Dana Savings account today. Simply SMS “DANA” to 92610 or complete the online form.