Back to School

As the most preferred credit card in the market, it is our commitment to provide you with convenient and flexible payment solutions while enjoying the maximum benefit out of your Doha Bank Credit Card.

We understand that your child’s education is of paramount importance, which is why we have made it even easier to settle your child’s education fees with your Doha Bank Credit Card with our Back to School campaign:

Earn Bonus DOHA MILES up to 20,000 DOHA MILES

Total 23rd Aug – 31st Oct 2020 Cumulative School Related Transactions
(Locally or Internationally)
QR 10,000 – < QR 25,000 5,000 DOHA MILES
QR 25,000 or more 20,000 DOHA MILES

Pay it Over 6 Months with 0% Easy Payment Plan

Now you can convert school fee payments made using your Doha Bank Credit Card into a 0% Easy Payment Plan payable over 6 months.


Simply call Doha Bank Call Center at 4445-6000 after making the transaction, and request to convert the school related transactions into a 6 equal monthly installments.

Terms & Conditions


  • Campaign period will be between 23rd August 2020 and 31st October 2020.
  • Bonus will be calculated on the total education related transactions during the campaign period.
  • Education related transactions are categorized by the Merchant Category Code (MCC) as defined under Visa and MasterCard rules.
  • Transaction should be posted before the identification process, which will be conducted on the third week of Nov 2020.
  • Customers who ONLY have Lulu card, bonus will be credited in Lulu points currency, otherwise bonus will be credited in DOHA MILES currency.
  • Education related transactions on supplementary cards will be included in customer’s overall spend.
  • Cancelled, blocked, closed, over-limit and delinquent cards will be excluded from awarding the Bonus DOHA MILES.
  • Corporate / SME and secured cards will be excluded from this offer.
  • Bonus DOHA MILES will be awarded after the end of each campaign period.

Converting Transactions to 6-month 0% Easy Payment Plan

  • Education related transactions with a minimum of QR 1,000 per transaction between 23rd August 2020 and 31st October 2020 can be converted into 6-month 0% payment plan within 3 working days.
  • Zero processing fee.


Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.