Yes, a million sounds good to start life with, doesn’t it?

Imagine waking up one day to find yourself a millionaire. What kind of lifestyle would you lead? How would you spend this money?

You could spend it on; your favorite car, dining in the most expensive restaurants, or touring the world. There are so many ways that you can spend this million. This million can buy you the freedom, the security, and the time to spend on the things that you enjoy. The question is, how to make this million in the first place.

We all know that cutting back spending on the things we enjoy as experts recommend might enable us to save small sums of money, but it would not have that a large impact on our lives. It will not enable us to become millionaires as we aspire. There might be a limit to how much we can save, however, there is no limit to how much we can earn if we invest what we save in the right way. What is the right way that will enable our savings to multiply quickly?

Doha Bank has the answer. Doha Bank understands that frugality is not the ideal way to grow wealth. Doha Bank understands that a little push can put someone on the right track to becoming wealthy. Doha Bank understands the importance of having sufficient money to start a comfortable life. That’s why it has developed the Al Dana Savings Programme.

The Al Dana Savings Programme is a unique scheme. It is a life changing scheme. It is the scheme that will give you this push to have enough money to lead a comfortable and relaxed life. It is the scheme that will give you the freedom to spend more time on things you enjoy instead of worrying about how to pay bills. The Al Dana Savings Programme is your gateway to becoming a millionaire.

The Al Dana Savings Programme is indeed unique. For it is the only programme that has a dual benefit. It allows you to save and win big at the same time. How? The way is simple and straightforward with no gimmicks involved. All you have to do is to open an Al Dana Savings Account and start saving money, even small sums as low as QAR 1,000 will do.

The Al Dana Savings Programme from Doha Bank is very popular and has been making millionaires for the past 13 years. The Al Dana Savings Programme has till date given more than 51 individuals in Qatar that little push to become millionaires. In addition, many more have increased their wealth by winning other cash and non-cash prizes including gold.

In 2017 the Al Dana Savings Account will give more prizes than previous years. Account holders will get the chance to participate in 188 draws throughout the year. This means there will be over 18 draws every month. For every QAR 1,000 saved, one gets a chance at the draw.

For those individuals who are achievers, who dream of changing their lives, who aspire to become millionaires and live a comfortable life, the Al Dana Savings Programme was created with you in mind. The Al Dana Savings Programme allows you to dream big and win big.

So if you looking for that little push to become a millionaire wait no longer. Open the Al Dana Savings Account today to win that million and watch your life change.

If you want to know more about the Al Dana Savings Account Call us today. Simply SMS “DANA” to 92610 or complete the online form.