Corporate & Commercial Banking

Doha Bank’s Corporate & Commercial Banking has operations in four countries with our services extending across five continents covering all the primary markets of our customers.

Our dynamic team of multilingual relationship managers has built strong relationships with prestigious businesses covering the various economic sectors of Construction, Contracting, Trade, Hospitality, Services, etc.

Doha Bank’s corporate services are diversified; offering short to medium to long term facilities to meet the financing requirements of commercial organizations. Our relationship team is well experienced in structuring your financial requirements – whether your financing needs relate to Working Capital, including trade finance, CAPEX and expansions, equity or others.

Doha Bank’s market share in contract financing is testimony in itself to our comprehensive financing packages covering funded and non-funded requirements of project contractors and sub-contractors. Our team has financed “landmark” infrastructure projects of individual sizes exceeding QAR 3 billion under infrastructure works covering roads, sewerage, airports, power & water, utilities, oil and gas, and others.

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Trade Finance

We, at Doha Bank, are committed and well placed to offer Trade Finance solutions which are meeting your expectations and designed to help you achieve your business goals. We are supported by outstanding team of Trade Finance professionals, technological and organisation brand support.


  • Letters of Credit
  • Loan against Trust Receipts (LTR)
  • Acceptance
  • Shipping Guarantees

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  • LC Advising
  • Adding Confimations
  • Bill Negotiations
  • Local Bills Discounting
  • Loan against Local Bills (LLB)
  • Invoice Discounting

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Bank Guarantees

  • Bid / Tender Guarantees
  • Perfomance Guarantees
  • Advance Payments Guarantees
  • Money Retention Guarantees
  • Letters of Guarantees

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Cash Management Services

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Additional Services


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Best Trade Finance Provider - 2020

Best Partner Bank Award - 2019

Best SME Card - 2014

Best SME Customer Service


Doha Bank’s retail, commercial and corporate products and services are granted at our sole discretion and are subject to the Bank’s terms, conditions and acceptance.