D-Card less Services

With D-Cardless from Doha Bank you can send money instantly to anyone in Qatar via a Doha Bank ATM. No cards are required even if the receiver is not a Doha Bank customer.

It’s easy – Just login to your DBank online account to send money to any receiver. Enter the mobile number of the receiver and the amount you wish to send. The system will generate two codes: a Request Reference Number “RRN” for you and a PIN is sent to the beneficiary as an SMS message. You are then required to provide the receiver with the “RRN”; accordingly the receiver can choose any of the selected Doha Bank ATMs that are conveniently located to withdraw the ascertained amount without the requirement of an ATM card.

Reasons to Smile

  • Instant money transfer.
  • Secure transfer requiring PIN and RRN number.
  • No ATM card required to withdraw cash.
  • Over 50 D-Cardless enabled ATMs throughout Qatar

Get started with D-Cardless today.

Simply login to your DBank online account, select D-Cardless option and follow the on screen instructions.

To use DBank D-Cardless you first need to subscribe to DBank online. Here’s how:

  • When you open your account simply fill out an application form. Existing customers can register online at www.dohabank.com.qa.
  • We’ll send you a secure PIN- you can opt to have your PIN sent to your nearest branch or receive it via SMS or Email.
  • Once you have your PIN, go online at www.dohabank.com.qa and click on DBank Online Login located on the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Enter your user credentials, click login and follow the on screen instructions.

To find the closest D-Cardless ATM location Click here

For security reason, please remember not to disclose or write down your password.

Terms and conditions apply.


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