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NRE Account and NRO Account expertise in Qatar

Doha Bank has built a highly experienced team of professionals, qualified to offer advice and guidance on NRI financial services. So if you have a specific or general query then please contact any of the team members within our India Desk

If you would like to open an NRE or NRO Account then the linked forms below can be completed and brought to us.

To open your NRI Account contact India Desk

India Desk

Doha Bank, Main Branch Building,
1st Floor, D Ring Road, PO Box 3818, Doha, Qatar


Mr. Sundaresan Venkatarama

+974 4425 7580 / 5067 5855

Mr. Rassal A. P.

+974 4425 7581 / 5534 0311

Mr. Ehsan Haider Zaidi

+974 4445 6947 / 6685 3179

Mr. Osman Bin Hussain

+974 4445 6912 / 5552 3069

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