Life begins at 40, how about being a millionaire at 20?

At the age of 20, you are full of youth ready to take on life, you have the time and energy, but not too much money and life is full of choices. How we live life greatly depends on the choices we make at a young age. Knowing where you want to go financially at an early age will help you in making the right choices and taking the right decisions. So, if one of your objectives in life is to become a millionaire at the age of 40, then you have to take the right decisions at an early stage of your life to help you reach this goal. What field of study should you choose, what career should you pursue, which bank should you open an account with and how much of your salary should you save on a monthly basis, these are some of the choices you have to make to be able to become a millionaire at the age of 40.

The old saying that life starts at 40 is questionable. Why do people focus on the age of 40? It is assumed that by the age of 40 you would have reached the peak of your career and have some sort of financial security that will enable you to live the life you want. However, with modern day life stresses, this is no longer the case. The high rates of inflation has escalated the costs of living. So everything from rents, education, travel and living expenses now costs more. This in turn makes it more difficult to save, especially if you are an employee with the salary as your only source of income. Nowadays it seems that the average age where you are able to save a considerable sum of money and can really start to live your life comfortably without much stress is 50. Now that’s an additional 10 years to wait. But do you really have to wait until you are 50 years to start living a decent life?.

If you are an ambitious person, you don’t have to wait till you are 40 or 50 years of age to be financially stable and start enjoying life. As mentioned earlier, life is all about choices. Making smart choices at a young age can enable you to achieve financial stability at an early stage in your life. Now, opening an Al Dana Savings Account with Doha Bank is certainly a sound and wise choice, for it gives you the opportunity to become a millionaire at the age of 20. How can this be possible?

Well, the Al Dana Savings Account is a savings account that allows you to save as little as QAR 1,000 a month. The more you save, the more you will increase your chances of becoming a millionaire. For every QAR 1000 you will get a chance to participate in the Al Dana Savings Programme, which has 188 draws this year. This means every month you get a chance to participate in 54 draws!.

The Al Dana Savings Programme is a unique scheme. It is a life changing scheme. It is the scheme that will give you the financial security you need so you can actually start living a good life whilst you are still in your twenties.

The Al Dana Savings Programme from Doha Bank is very popular. For the past 13 years it has made more than 51 individuals in Qatar become millionaires and many more have increased their wealth by winning other cash and non-cash prizes, including more than 40 kilograms of gold.

So why wait until you are 50 years to become financially stable to enjoy life?. You can do this whilst you are still 20 so you can start to enjoy the pleasures of life at an early age. All you have to do is open an Al Dana Savings account and be part of that exciting programme and, who knows, you could be the next millionaire.

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