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We, at Doha Bank, are committed and well placed to offer Trade Finance solutions which are meeting your expectations and designed to help you achieve your business goals. We are supported by outstanding team of Trade Finance professionals, technological and organisation brand support.

With the objective of helping you to take your business to grow at higher levels, we offer Trade Finance services in simpler, convenient and dynamic way.

Trade Finance Products & Services

Letters of Credit for Local Procurement:

  • For supporting your purchases from local vendors & suppliers.
  • We provide bill discounting facilities to Beneficiaries of Usance LCs (It will offer you an advantage to do favourable commercial negotiations with your supplier as this facility will allow your supplier to get funds immediately).

Letters of Credit for International Trade:

  • For supporting your purchases from International vendors & suppliers, Doha Bank can provide LCs, structure and Issue the LCs to best suit for your purpose. We can advise and arrange suppliers credit, UPAS arrangement for our LCs.

Advising of Letters of Credit:

  • We can advise incoming LCs to support your sales in domestic or international market.

Adding Confirmation to Export LCs:

  • We can add confirmation to the LCs for efficient risk mitigation solution.

Negotiation & Discounting of Bills:

  • We can handle bill negotiation and discounting for cash flow solutions.
  • We have highly experienced staff who can support your operations and provide advisory services on LC negotiation & documentation matters.

Bills Collection (Documentary Collection of Bills):

  • We provide collection facilities for incoming or outgoing bills to facilitate your trade transactions.

Guarantee Issuances – Bid Bonds, Performance and Advance Payment Guarantees:

  • For supporting your participation in various projects.

Guarantee Re-Issuance (Counter Guarantee Backed-Foreign Guarantees):

  • we can support in re-issuing guarantees backed by counter guarantees from banks around the world to support your participation in Qatari projects.

Doha Bank International Network : Adding Value to Your Trade Business

  • Doha Bank branches inside Qatar and International Branches in UAE, Kuwait & India can ensure and facilitate a strategic support for your trade business between these locations.
  • Doha Bank Representative Offices located at various strategic locations across the world can support and establish the required linkage for facilitating your trade business.
  • Doha Bank has an extensive network of correspondent banks across the world to facilitate smooth processing of International trade transactions.
  • Our Correspondent bank network ensures a timely service for advising of our letters of credit.
  • Doha Bank has extensive choice of partner banks to work with for any International Trade Finance requirements like supplier credit.
  • Relationship management with large number of International and Regional banks enable Doha Bank to support and offer risk mitigation products to our Corporate clients.

Trade Finance Advisory Services: Adding Value to Your Trade Business

  • We have Trade Finance experts in our relationship team to offer trade finance advisory services.
  • The endeavour of the unit is to offer active advice to companies engaged in the business of foreign trade i.e. Imports / Exports and Multi-National companies engaged in Infrastructure projects with best in class and efficient solutions to structure, handle, risk-mitigate and finance the export & import transactions.
  • We advise our customers with solutions which are not only in line with international business practices but also suit individual customer business needs.
  • Our advisory staff support clients for any special structuring of International trade transaction and guidance on International rules and practices.

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